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October 25

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24 Hr Read-a-Thon: Update #2

by Ann-Katrina

Dawn by Kevin Brooks Well, I’ve just finished reading Dawn by Kevin Brooks and I’m a bit numb right now. Figuratively and literally (my butt).

The story, for lack of a better cliche, was intense, and not entirely what I expected.

Sure, I expected some twisted bits (the allusion to something happening to her while quietly laying in bed one December night is like a flashing neon sign), but I never expected it to be that twisted and a bit heart-wrenching.

I swear I felt a tear pricking at my eye and trust me, it was not a moment when I should have been crying and certainly not for the person I nearly cried for.

Ultimately, this is a heavy novel, but much of it is written with a light touch. There are passages that had me cackling and packages that had me shaking my head with consternation.

And since Dawn likes to make lists, allow me to make a list of just a few of them:

  • Dawn makes it her mission to kill God. (Although he doesn’t exist.)
  • Painted snails. Yes, really. Painted snails.
  • “Jesus licks his arse.” (Since I know your eyes may be bugging out, let me say that Jesus is the name of her dog. She also has another named Mary.)
  • Born-again alcoholic.

I’m still trying to let the story digest for a bit before I come out with a full review. One thing is for certain though, it certainly had me glued to the pages.

In the meantime, I’ll be taking a fifteen minute break to grab some caffeine, make the rounds to see how everyone else is doing, and then start on Soulless by Christopher Golden.

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