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March 25

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BTT: I Break for Books

by Ann-Katrina

TIR Books

booking through thursday It’s Thursday and you know what that means…another edition of Booking Through Thursday is here.

This week’s question is: Do you take breaks while reading a book? Or read it straight through? (And, by breaks, I don’t mean sleeping, eating and going to work; I mean putting it aside for a time while you read something else.)

The default answer (for everything, it seems) is: It depends. Sometimes a book is so gripping that taking a break is near impossible—it even trumps eating and sleeping. For the most part though, I take breaks.

It’s like I have adult ADD or something. But really I’m just a mood-based reader. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something light and fun, other times I want something solid and pensive, then I might want frightening. It all boils down to what I’m in the mood to read at any given moment.

Right now, I’m actually alternating between three different books: two fiction (supernatural fantasy and coming of age drama) and one non-fiction (true crime). For the most part, I try not to read within similar genres. So if I’m already reading a supernatural fantasy, I won’t read another one along side it—mainly so I don’t mix them up.

Frankly, though, I’ve become insane with keeping reading notes which means I don’t need to worry about mixing storylines anyway. (This would require a complete post of its own…which is on my schedule, so look for it soon.)

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