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April 11

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Hungry Readers Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge

by Ann-Katrina

This mini challenge, hosted by the Hungry Readers, calls for the fuel that keeps the readers reading. In my case, it’s cherry Pop Tarts and Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea. Yes, really. I’m fairly certain that’s all I’ve drank and eaten in the past 24 hours (aside from a yummy PB&J sandwich).

The Search for Delicious Since that’s not terribly exciting, another option would be to discuss the food that crops up during reading. This just happens to be perfect considering that I’ve deviated from my outlined reading pool and am currently reading The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbitt…and it happens to be about food. Sort of. (I’ve been saying “sort of” quite a bit lately.)

So far, the book is about a King, his Prime Minister, his queen, and his army general who all disagree on which food should be listed for the definition of delicious in the dictionary. The choices they’ve submitted are fried fish, apples, pudding, and beer.

In order to resolve the issue, it’s decided a poll will be taken of the various townspeople to decide on which of those items should be the accepted definition. Unfortunately, it’s not as forthright as it initially appeared.

Come to think of it, reading about food is making me kind of hungry. It might just be time for another Pop Tart run.

Gah. Now I want some chocolate ice cream. I have no idea where that craving just came from. I think the Sleepiesâ„¢ are starting to kick in. Must drink more tea.

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