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A Continuous Book Review and Vocabulary Assignment

Ratings Legend

You’ve probably noticed that there aren’t 1-5 stars awarded to books around here–that’s because a special (more human) system was devised to classify each of the books reviewed.

Required Reading (Loved It): This is the highest rating a book can receive. It means the book belongs somewhere on your bookshelf. Period. (A)

Worth Every Penny/Worth The Price (Really Liked It): Even if you pay full list price for the book, it’s still worth it. [HC]: You’ll want to run out and grab a copy as soon as it’s available. [TPB]: You may want to wait until the softcover or trade paperback edition comes out and grab that. (B)

Get It Used (Liked It): Although reading the book may be worthwhile, you may feel a sting if you have to pay full hardcover or TPB list price, so grab it secondhand (or new with a steep discount), or the discounted mass market paper back if you can. (C)

Save Your Money (Didn’t Like It): Definitely not classic literary material. In fact, paying any amount of money for the book would hurt. Find someone who is willing to give it to you free of charge or check it out at the library. (D)

Save Your Time (Hated It): This is the lowest of the low. After reading this book, you will probably feel compelled to write a letter to the publisher and author demanding they give you your time back. So, just avoid the drama and remorse by avoiding the book. (F)

It’s a fairly straight forward system.


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