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April 11

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Read-a-Thon Update 3: Siberia by Ann Halam

by Ann-Katrina

It’s probably clear by now that I’m not doing the hourly update thing…and my reading speed is still somewhere between snail and turtle. I think it’s partly because I’m lounging in my bed while I read, which always hampers my reading speed. But still, I’m OK with it.

Siberia by Ann Halam Anywho, I just wanted to offer a quick update about Siberia by Ann Halam before moving on to my next book.

First impressions: Wow. Just wow. This book is like 1984 with a thirteen year old protagonist and animals, sort of, with more of an environmental spin than political. It’s truly hard to describe without giving up too many spoilers, but I will say this book had me holding my breath, gasping, and weeping for humanity.

The bleak and desolate landscape was painted with a clarity that’s startlingly possible. It’s some time in the future in some place on planet earth—although the name Siberia is used, it doesn’t necessarily mean Siberia as we know it—when the government watches your every move through a frightening red eye in your home and school and work and food is rationed (you can forget about anything that tastes good) and people would sell their own grandmother for an extra bit of jam.

There were a few rough patches that made me cock an eyebrow, but overall it kept me on my toes. Words are kind of failing me right now. All I can think is that this book will stick with me for a while. It’s brutal, but worth it. Also, I mistakenly thought this was fantasy when I picked it up, but it’s actually science fiction. Definitely great conversation piece. Proper review to come, eventually.

Now I’m going to take 30 minutes to cheerlead and get myself a proper snack (and some more Earl Grey tea…I think I’m on my fourth or fifth cup already…you can’t turn into tea by drinking too much of it, can you?)

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