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August 12

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Wondrous Words Wednesday

by Ann-Katrina

One of the purposes of this blog when I conceived it was to also expand my vocabulary through documenting new words. Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping with that spirit…until now.

Not too long ago I came across a weekly meme that ought to do the trick courtesy of the Bermudaonion.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) words that we’ve encountered in our reading.

While reading the last two books, I knew I’d be finished with both of them by today, so I decided to take notes of the words in preparation. That means, for my first Wondrous Words Wednesday, the words will be taken from two titles.

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead Cover The first book that perked up my eyeballs with its colorful vocabulary was Generation Dead by Daniel Waters.

variegated: adj. having patches, stripes, or marks of different colors.

viscous: adj. having the sticky consistency of glue.

brusque: adj. curt, blunt, or abrupt.

gravitas: n. seriousness or sobriety, as of conduct or speech.

rejoinder: n. reply; esp. an answer to a reply.

cortege: n. procession; esp. a funeral procession.

chambray: n. a lightweight clothing fabric of white and colored threads.

The Night Monster by James Swain

The Night Monster CoverThe next book that I yanked some interesting words from was The Night Monster by James Swain.

macadam: n. a roadway or pavement of small closely packed broken stone.

patina: n. 1) a green film formed on copper and bronze by exposure to moist air; 2) a superficial covering or exterior.

My apologies for not having the direct references from the texts—I’m usually very good about taking notes like that, but I must have been asleep at the wheel this past week. *sigh* X_X

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