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February 11

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Buried Alive…Or the (it seems, futile) Attempt to Organize My Bookcases

by Ann-Katrina

It started one day as I lay staring at my burgeoning bookcases. Something needed to be done…and fast.

Burgeoning Bookcase

In a fit of excitement, I pulled all the books from their resting places and piled them on the floor.

Sample of the Book Pile

Mission: catalog and alphabetize. That was before I realized that I have a lot of books.

Ant's Eye View of the Book Pile

So far, from the first four shelves, there are 319 books:

  • 202 fiction
  • 20 non-fiction
  • 46 reference
  • 11 graphic novels
  • 20 expendable

And I still have three more book cases to go (two with five shelves and one with four). <sarcasm>Whoopee!!</sarcasm> But I will not be deterred.

There’s a system. I’m not doing this for nothing. There is some sort of system, right? Please tell me there is. How else do you manage to keep all your books from eating you alive?!?

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