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September 16

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Keeping it Together: How I Manage My Reading the Analog Way

by Ann-Katrina

A couple weeks ago, Liz Finch asked me how I keep track of the books I read. I started this system a while ago, but it’s evolved and I figured it might be a good idea to share it with the world.


Here’s a breakdown of what I use:

  1. A pen that makes me smile (in this case, Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Pen in Lavender Purple)
  2. A quality journal (I prefer Kikkerland)
  3. An inexpensive spiral or composition notebook (New Leaf makes some cute ones)
  4. Index tab stickers (one of the greatest inventions ever—pictured JStory Index Fun Rabbit)

And if I’m feeling particularly spunky, I might use some Post-It flags and highlighters, too.

Now to explain as best I can why and how I use all of those things…

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June 6

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If Movies Were Books…

by Ann-Katrina

keith-cover I discovered a new movie on Netflix* called Keith. (Great movie if you’re into angst-ridden teenage romantic dramas.)

As I watched the evolution of the movie–the setting, the characters and development–I kept thinking OMG, this would make such an amazing book, why has no one written it yet.

I do this partly because an hour and a half hardly seems like enough time when you’ve connected with the characters.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only person who, while watching some amazing movie, starts wishing that it were a book too.

* I’m also wondering if I’m the only person who finds it spooky that Netflix’s recommendations and “best guesses” are like 99.9% accurate.

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April 12

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Where Do You Get Your Books?

by Ann-Katrina

I was inspired by an article I read a few days ago about getting books on the cheap and it made me start wondering where everyone gets their books.

My number one stop is usually Amazon (generally for the newer titles where I’d want a brand new copy of a book), but I realized that’s not the only place.

ARCs from publishers, authors, and even other kind book bloggers help to feed my need and at an awesome price too. (You can’t really beat free.)

Another place that many people overlook is the thrift store. I’ve happened on a number of great finds by perusing the shelves of my local secondhand shops and sometimes the price is as close to free as you can get, ranging from a quarter (yes folks, 25 cents) to a few bucks (usually for hardcover and text books). The quality may not always be the best, but there are some gems if you’re willing to do a little digging.

So now the question is out there: Where do you get your books?

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