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October 1

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Blindness the Movie in Theatres Soon

by Ann-Katrina

A few weeks ago, I started seeing the preview for a movie due out in Oct. called Blindness. As soon as I saw it, instinct told me it was based on the awesome book of the same name penned by Jose Saramago despite the preview not mentioning it.

I’ve seen the preview at least five times already and what I don’t understand is why none of them mentioned the novel. So far, it seems only a select few I’ve found in YouTube mention it. Ah well, my only hope is that the movie is as good as the novel. It will be interesting to see the story visually rendered outside of my own head.

On another note, seeing the movie preview has reminded me that I need to pick up a copy of follow-up called Seeing.

Comments on Blindness the Movie in Theatres Soon

  1. # Brie wrote on October 2, 2008 at 1:19 pm:

    I saw a commercial for this last night. It looks interesting. Seems like the amount of movies I want to see this fall keeps on growing.

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