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July 18

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Recent Arrivals: DearS (Vol. 1-3) by Peach-Pit

by Ann-Katrina

Recent Arrivals chronicles the books that have made their way onto the Today, I Read… bookshelf. Here’s the latest arrival: DearS by Peach-Pit

DearS Vol 1 DearS Vol 2 DearS Vol 3

First line: Move your ass, Takeya!!*

Initial thoughts: DearS looked way too cute and the story sounded way too hilarious for me to pass up. Plus, I absolutely adore the artistic style–even the buxom alien girls have that sweet dear-caught-in-headlights look.

Book description:

A Close Encounter of the Oh-So-Fine Kind

The DearS have crash-landed on Earth and are now working with humans to become part of society–by going to high school! Lucky for the loveless Takeya, he stumbles upon an alien honey who is in desperate need of an education. Lucky for her, Takeya’s neighbor is there to keep the young man’s libido in check.

Book Details: Vol. 1 200 pages, Vol. 2 & 3 208 pages; TokyoPop; Pub. January – July 2005

*I took the first actual line of dialog from the start of the story, though there are a few preface pages. For the curious, it begins: “What an incredible sight! Ladies and gentlemen, what we’re witnessing here is a real UFO!”

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