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April 10

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Read-a-Thon Update 2: Sister Light, Sister Dark

by Ann-Katrina

Looking at the clock, I can’t help but remark that I’m moving along at a snail’s pace…but I’m OK with that; I just remind myself this isn’t a race, I’m in this thing to have fun.

Sister Light, Sister Dark But pushing forward, I wanted to take a moment to dispense some notes on Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen.

First impressions: This book is far more feral than I expected; it’s certainly for mature young readers or those who have an adult to discuss it with afterward. It’s also written in a distinctive style that I’m not certain whether I like or dislike. Don’t get me wrong, the prose is excellent, it’s more about how the sections are divided.

It’s the story of a child destined for greatness and the legend surrounding her, but it’s interrupted by scholarly sections which are analysing or expounding on the story’s progression, thereby hampering (my) reading. It’s difficult to explain without giving an example (which will have to wait until I have time to put together a proper post on it). Just think of it like a text book in a certain sense.

Right now, I’m moving on to Siberia by Ann Halam and I hope it’s more straightforward in its writing.

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