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December 27

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Sunday Sketch 1.0: An Unfinished Embrace

by Ann-Katrina

I’ve missed the Sunday Sketch feature and today, I was sketching up a storm. Unfortunately, I spent most of the day sketching random ideas that popped into my head rather than a scene or character from one of my current reads…which is why today’s Sunday Sketch is unfinished.

I decided to stop and post it up before the clock officially struck midnight so that it would still qualify as a Sunday Sketch.

Today, I Read... Sunday Sketch 12/27/2009

Initially I planned to do a scene from Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant fairytale—there was a scene that I thought would be perfect—but  I couldn’t quite get what was in my head onto paper, so I ended up going with something that was yelling to be sketched: a stolen embrace between Destiny and Seth from The Miles Between.

Although they never truly kiss, they had such a lovely low-key romance blossoming through the story that it warms my heart just thinking about it.

When I do finish it, I’ll post that up too. For now, I hope you enjoy what’s done so far.

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