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July 19

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Recent Arrivals: We Shadows (Vol. 1) by Sonny Strait

by Ann-Katrina

Recent Arrivals chronicles the books that have made their way onto the Today, I Read… bookshelf. Here’s the latest arrival: We Shadows by Sonny Strait

We Shadows Vol 1

First line: I keep having these blackouts. (The words "possible alcoholic?" are written on a notepad next to the talk bubble–just to give you perspective.)

Initial thoughts: What drew me in was the cover. The artwork was adorable and very much my own personal style preference when it comes to anime. What tipped the scales was the whacked out story synopsis–a possibly delusional fairy-princess in training named Goat whose only friend is a talking mushroom? Yeah, you know I had to get it.

Book description:

He Who Pulleth the Trigger of the Big Honkin’ Gun in the Rock Shall Be Puck

There is a song–it is a key to unlocking a gateway into a world of Shadows. A dark yet magical place where faeries, ogres and hobgoblins co-exist. One such creature is Goat, a homely being considered insane by the others. Her only friend is a talking mushroom who assures her she is a "fairy princess in training." However the truth of Goat’s destiny is far more interesting…

Follow Goat as she unlocks the secret of her origins and her untapped power–a world of magic is just a song away!

Book Details: 192 pages; TokyoPop; Pub. August 14, 2007

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